"Landmark Irrigation installed my system in 2004 and has been maintaining it since that time. They have provided excellent service from the onset of the installation. Mark and his crew are friendly, prompt, and thorough in their work."

Victoria Bernuth

"They have always done an outstanding job for us."

Dr. Robert Litin

"We have used Landmark Irrigation for many years. They have always been professional, quick to respond to my needs and reasonably priced. Landmark has kept my irrigation system in good working order. They also set up the foundation for a drip system for our garden we can change from year to year as our garden evolves"

Mary Nuwer

"We are pleased to have been Landmark Irrigation customers since 2010. Consistently, their work has met the highest professional standards and our expectations. Most importantly, the staff are wonderful to work with, quickly responsive to our needs, and delightful to have around our home. We look forward to many more years of their excellent service!"

Julie Aspinwall-Lamberts, Jim Ellison